Step By Step Guide On How to Choose the Right Accountant for Your Company

No matter what kind of business it is, you will need to prepare your financial statement to understanding the growth of your business, as a base for your future financial strategy and also to pay taxes properly. To prepare your financial statement, you might need to hire an accountant, or certified public accountant or an accounting firm. They are professional that capable to provide you advice on major financial matter and assist you with financial management efficiently and effectively. A good accountant are also providing you with the latest tax laws and practices and help you to reduce the tax properly. However, you may also get outsourcing and find out more about streamlining accounts receivable that will be able to help your company to keep the record and manage financial properly. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on choosing the right accountant for you.

The first step understands the difference between an accountant and a certified public accountant. While accountant are managing bookkeeping task and handle daily financial task of company, firm or corporation, certified public accountant are auditing financial records and determining the affectivity of your financial reporting and provide consultation for you.

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The next step is get recommendation from your friend or colleague. Make sure to ask them about a good accountant or CPA that capable to help you with your financial statement and accounting report on your company.

The next step is do some research on the accounting firms candidates on your area. You will need to ensure that you are hiring the right accounting firms by conduct some research on the internet and find out complete information such as review, client testimony or any history about those accounting firm.

The next step is call the accounting firms candidate and interview them. Make sure to ask about the copy of their certificate and license to verify them. You also need to ask about rates for service and check the capability of the accounting firms.

The next step is make sure to ask the accounting firms about their rates and how often the rates will change. Since the Certified public accountant regulation may different in each state and location, make sure that you are asking about how the accountant will charge you, especially for tax preparation and write up work. Because this work could take a lot of time and effort from the accountants. They may provide you with free consultation, however ask them whether they are charge the consultation for free or they will charge you for further consultation.

You may also need to ask about their credentials, their experience on accounting business and also how they prepare the tax preparation. Ask about their credentials and also their license to work as certified public accountant. This way, you will be able to choose the best accountant for you.

Outsourcing Accountant will be able to Help You with Financial Task

Another way, you can choose Outsourcing accounting overseas that reliable, such as on BPO companies in the Philippines. Philippines are having reputable BPO Industry and provide the best service for finance and accounting outsourcing. Make sure that you are asking their office number and research about their credibility. This way, you will be able to call them anytime and ensure that they are working properly. Make sure that you keep your accountant informed about changes, goals and any change in circumstances. This way, you will be able to ensure that you pay for the best services.



Author: Rakel Erlendsdóttir

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