Shaved Ice Business Plan

Ice Dreams shaved ice beverage business enterprise strategy executive summary. Market analysis carried out in El Centro did surface one particular raspado (sno-cone) enterprise on a little scale referred to as “Snow Shack” situated on State Street. Ice Dream’s shave ice meets the high-quality expected by these buyers considering the fact that it will also cater to the huge Latino population in El Centro with its Mexican flavored syrups. El Centro is accessible through Interstate eight, State Highway 111, and State Highway 86, where Ice Dreams will be located.

Ice Dreams will sell shave ice as its key product in addition to soft drinks and frosty Latin drinks known as licuados. To sell 20 distinctive tropical and Mexican flavored syrups. Snow Cone Business Plan’s image gallery under. Shave ice units sold for $1.25 (compact), $1.75 (medium) to $2.25 (significant) per unit. Research carried out in Bullhead City, Arizona noted that the Sno Biz dealership only sells shave ice as their principal item.

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Sno-cones have been also discovered to be sold at Garcia’s Meals Marketplace and Wal Mart. Persons would shave ice by hand, developing a cold, flaky snow. Shave ice is a product that has yielded a considerable profit in terms of expense to make at $.16. According to Advertising Age (September, 1995), premium ice cream and frozen yogurt merchandise are losing market share to mid-priced and other frozen dessert goods.Shaved Ice Business Plan

Sno-cones were also identified to be sold at Garcia’s Meals Marketplace and Wal Mart.

Ice Dreams shaved ice beverage business plan executive summary. Shave ice merchandise are excellent for today’s health-conscious shoppers. Sno-cones are sold in cups at costs ranging from $1.00 (small), $1.25 (medium) to $1.50 (significant). Ice Dreams will target all segments of El Centro’s population: children, teenagers, and adults. In interviewing the present owner, he indicated that during his initial year in small business he was selling 200 units per day.

Shave ice is an best company for El Centro offered both the potential market place segment, location, and climate. Ice Dreams will target the low- to mid-earnings consumers who want to have a high good quality dessert for moderate rates. Shave ice has a low meals expense and is uncomplicated to prepare, which keeps speed-of-service at optimum levels to preserve up with higher-targeted traffic volumes. Compared to other food service goods, Ice Dreams will be a relatively basic company to operate.

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Ice Dreams will generate and sell shave ice with 20 unique flavored syrups, soft drinks, and licuados to buyers in El Centro, California. Since the snow is so soft the syrup is held within its tender texture versus settling to the bottom like traditional sno-cones. To sell other items such as soft drinks and licuados. Using averaged priced units ($1.25) for shave ice and other products to be sold, the shave ice small business has the potential market place of $104,446 gross sales by the third year of operation.

Shaved Ice Business Plan – Market place research conducted in El Centro did surface one raspado (sno-cone) company on a little scale named “Snow Shack” situated on State Street.

Author: Luca Macvitie

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