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LuminIT is a professional IT services provider serving businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and beyond. This international script agency, primarily based in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, was an early recipient of our GDPR compliance programmes, enabling the company to operate beneath a GDPR-compliant privacy policy practically a year ahead of the implementation date, creating hundreds of promoting consents that may possibly otherwise have been uncompliant. Not only do compliance standards support to shield your customers, but they also assure your enterprise is constantly safe.

A single size does NOT fit all, which is why LinkSource suggests a variety of cybersecurity goods, solutions, and managed solutions to their customers. LinkSource Technologies is focused on constructing their cybersecurity line of business enterprise through advising and educating customers and prospects about the dangers in pondering that checking boxes on a compliance policy signifies their organization is safe.

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We deliver consultancy solutions to consumers of GDPR Computer software, a program developed by Influence Technologies. LinkSource’s focus is to help organizations recognize the entire Cyber Safety Lifecycle so they are each compliant AND secure. Of course, we cannot name all of the consumers who we’ve provided solutions to here. We have provided employees instruction in our location of experience to clients such as national management consultancy firm IMSM.

LinkSource Technologies is a Telecom and Technologies Consulting business founded in 1998, located in Roseville, CA. With some of the ideal experts in the sector, many of whom had been handpicked for their reputation and skills, they function with enterprise-level and Fortune 500 businesses about the globe. Some security consulting firms can support you with specific elements of your safety desires. These new technologies normally boost, secure or optimize legacy systems, which in the end saves useful time, creates enterprise efficiencies and produces instant return on investment (ROI), all of which has delivered more than $1.six billion in savings to LinkSource clients.Security Consulting Firms

Ebc Data 1 of the leading firm that gives cyber security services.

Accomplish the state of total invincibility with trustworthy and scalable cyber safety options. Get in touch with our group at [email protected] or (404) 952-2600 for security consulting services that will retain your livelihood protected. IT security consulting firms are the most effective way to assure compliance. Ebc Data 1 of the leading firm that supplies cyber safety solutions. OnsiteRIS offers safety consulting services to assure you realize business-set compliance, and to make confident you are generally working with smart and secure solutions.

Being named as a single of the Top ten Quickest Developing Cyber Security Consulting Firms by The Silicon Evaluation is not surprising as LinkSource Technologies has taken a distinctive method with their clientele, setting themselves apart from the crowd. They partner with organizations to determine their unique enterprise requirements and advise on safe, trusted, cost-efficient solutions. Shield Networks Offers Cyber Safety, Network Security, Pc Security and IT Safety Solutions For Businesses Across Canada.

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We have offered a full GDPR compliance programme to significant national supplier Reynolds Catering Supplies, one of the UK’s major fruit and vegetables suppliers, and their partner corporations Solstice, Carnivore and Shoal. LinkSource is exclusive because of its very qualified and skilled group, their holistic strategy to each the telecom and cybersecurity lines of small business as well as their unprecedented VIP Client Care.

Security Consulting Firms – [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Consulting Firms who are interested to compete on this bid really should collect the ToR within 5 working days after the announcement on the newsletter.

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