Protect Your Investment or House with House Insurance

Purchasing your first home is one of the landmark on your life and allow you to shelter your family with proper house, you might feel proud and happy. However, once you purchased house or condominium, you will need to purchase an insurance policy to ensure that your house are protected and you will be able to protect your investment. House Insurance are allow you to protect your house from fire damage, water damage, vandalism, theft, loss of use, and many more. However, since there are many types of policy, choosing the right one for your needs could be daunting task, however you can simply get  Therefore, today I will provide you guide on how to choose the right policy for your needs and explore all of your options to help you decide the right policy.

The first step is make sure to gathering facts about your house and insurance policy. You will need to know how much your house is worth, therefore you will need to hire a professional to appraise your home and obtain the official valuation. Professional appraiser will require information about your house such as the age of fitting and fixtures, material used for constructions and any other systems on your house. This way, you will be able to understand the profile of your house, this information are also used to estimate the cost of house insurance premiums.

Then, you will need to evaluate another factors in your area such as environmental conditions. You might check about natural disaster on your area such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, high winds, damp rot and any other disaster that might happen in your area. Any other factor is crime rates in your neighborhood and how police in your area.

The next step is finding the right insurance company. There are many insurance company that claim capable in protecting your house, however I recommend you to get quotes from at least three different carriers. You can simply compare and choose the best pricing with the best feature, or you can visit their company and bring an adjuster to get the best price.

Then, consider the levels of coverage. The basic coverage are HO1 and HO2 that cover your house and personal belongings from structure damage caused by explosion, smokes, volcano, storms. Otherwise, you can get HO3 and HO5 policies that cover broader range of incidents and are consequently pricier. I recommend you to get HO5 or Premier Homeowner Policies that provide you the most comprehensive coverage for your houses.

Determine the Levels of Coverage according to Your Needs

After you determine the levels of coverage, then you will need to compare deductibles of the policies. Sometimes, lower premiums often carry higher deductibles, calculate the deductible and ensure that you can afford the premium especially in the event of emergency. Don’t forget to review the customer feedback on the insurance provider website or websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and any other review website.

Make sure to reevaluate your needs every years. Make sure that you check the value of your house every year and check inflation to calculate the price of your policy. With up-to-date record of your home’s contents and structural conditions will allow you to claim insurance easily in  the future.

Author: Rakel Erlendsdóttir

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